Annual Conference


iaedp™ Symposium 2024
The Art and Science of Connection: Make Every Connection Count
March 21 – 24, 2024
Orlando, Florida

iaedp Symposium 2024 offers a unique blend of evidence-based protocols and the introduction of new ideas in treatment. This combination ensures that attendees are exposed to the latest research and treatment approaches, while also staying open to innovative and potentially groundbreaking methods. This blend of established practices and new perspectives sets the iaedp Symposium apart from other conferences in the field. This focus on innovation allows professionals to expand their knowledge and explore alternative strategies for helping individuals with eating disorders. By staying updated on the latest developments, professionals can continuously improve their treatment approaches and provide the best care possible.

This unmissable event brings together 1000+ eating disorders treatment professionals for unparalleled learning, collaboration and connection. Immerse yourself in a captivating atmosphere as you learn from experts in the field and exchange ideas.  

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