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Author: Anne Katherine, MA
Price: $13.95  $11.16
For readers who are addicted to particular foods as well as those who simply feel susceptible, this is an effective program to overcome compulsive eating.

Author: Glenn A. Gaesser, PhD
Price: $14.95  $11.96
Takes on the fat phobia that permeates so much of the research about obesity and health. Here's the proof that people can be overweight and still be fit and healthy.

Author: Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed
Price: $13.99
This is the first book for all those women who know they're too nice, who recognize somewhere deep inside that overdoing for others leaves nothing for them.

Author: Susan Albers
Price: $16.95
Susan Albers, author of Eating Mindfully, offers this collection of 50 mindfulness skills and practices for relaxing the body in times of stress and ending your dependence on eating as a means of coping with difficult emotions.

Author: Carolyn Coker Ross
Price: $21.95
Using a holistic approach, this book draws on a variety of practices drawn from traditional as well as complimentary and alternative medicine to help you replace unhealthy habits with nourishing rewards and self-care.

Author: Joyce Nash, PhD
Price: $18.95
Cognitive therapy techniques and coping strategies to help readers understand and overcome the differences between eating disorders and disordered eating.

Author: Geneen Roth
Price: $15.00
Practical ways to recognize the signals of physical hunger, eat without distraction, know when to stop, kick the scale-watching habit, with...

Price: $17.95
In this European bestseller, Kortink, a spiritual psychotherapist from the Netherlands, has created a unique system for the effective treatment of binge eating as well as other eating disorders...

Author: Ken Goss, DClinPsy
Price: $24.95
A Compassionate-Mind Approach to Ending Overeating. You know the cycle: you have a stressful day and find yourself snacking or overeating at dinner to make yourself feel better...

Price: $16.00
Bulik shares with readers a set of easy-to-implement “curb the crave” techniques that has empowered patients at the University of North Carolina Eating Disorders Program and elsewhere to triumph over their cravings and establish healthy eating and activity habits.

Category: Binge-Eating
You are on page 1 showing results 1 to 10 out of 18 Total Results.
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