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Editor: Arnold E. Andersen, M.D.   Authors: Leigh Cohn, M.A.T., Thomas Holbrook, M.D.
Price: $14.95  $11.96
Practical solutions for men who are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, excessive exercise, steroid abuse...

Authors: Harrison G. Pope, Jr., MD, Katharine A. Phillips, MD, Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
Price: $14.00
From compulsive weightlifting to steroid use, from hair plugs to cosmetic surgery, growing numbers of men are taking the quest for perfect muscles...

Author: Michael Prager
Price: $13.95
Fat Boy Thin Man is a humorous, engaging, real-life story of redemption written for readers who suffer, or whose loved-ones suffer, with obesity that they have repeatedly tried and failed to resolve...

Price: $22.95
This is a practical problem-focused self-help manual from the UK is for men with eating disorders and body image problems...

Author: Barbara Kent Lawrence, Ed.D.
Price: $19.95
A workbook for partners of men with eating disorders, provides information about the history, causes and symptoms of eating disorders in men, as well as coping strategies and resources for their partners...

Category: Men
You are on page 1 showing results 1 to 5 out of 5 Total Results.

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