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Authors: Emily K. Sandoz, PhD, Kelly G. Wilson, PhD, Troy Dufrene
Price: $59.95
Co-authored by Kelly Wilson, cofounder of ACT, this is the first professional guide on using this emerging technique for treating eating disorders...

Author: Michelle Heffner, MA
Price: $49.95
Mindfulness and acceptance approaches target the underlying anxiety and perfectionism that keep many trapped in destructive relationships with their bodies...

Author: Shani Raviv
Price: $18.95
This powerful coming-of-age memoir is a well written, heart-wrenching, and sometimes shocking exploration into the soul and psyche of a young woman struggling with Anorexia Nervosa...

Author: Harriet Brown
Price: $25.99
Chronicling her daughter Kitty's illness, journalist and professor Harriet Brown describes how her family, with the support of an open-minded pediatrician and a therapist, helped her daughter recover using family-based treatment, also known as the Maudsley approach...

Author: Lisa M Schab, LCSW
Price: $15.95
Clearly written with practical skills, this book contains 42 activities for teens with themes central to overcoming bulimia...

Author: Lindsey Hall, Leigh Cohn, M.A.T.
Price: $16.95 $13.56
This intimate guidebook is a 25th anniversary edition of Hall and Cohn's original bestseller. It offers a complete understanding of bulimia and a plan for recovery...

Author: Constance Rhodes
Price: $34.99
For use with the book Life Inside the Thin Cage by Constance Rhodes, this 12-week Christ-centered program is designed for churches, colleges, and small group counseling settings...

Price: $29.99
Designed to be used with participant manual and CD-ROM, this guide includes complete agendas, discussion tools, forms, templates for art projects and other assignments, and a CD with music, powerpoint slides and more...

Price: $16.99
Includes summaries of each weekly topic and worksheets to be filled in by the group member...

Authors: Mindy Jacobson-Levy, Maureen Foy-Tornay
Price: $18.95 $15.16
This is a creative workbook for individuals who want to explore their relationship with food and their bodies in a new way...

Category: New Releases
You are on page 1 showing results 1 to 10 out of 27 Total Results.
Result Pages: [ 1 ] [  2 ] [  3 ]   NEXT >
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