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Author: Karin R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed
Price: $18.95  $15.16
In this workbook, Koenig interweaves discussion with mindful, reflective exercises to show readers how to identify, experience, and learn from feelings.

Authors: Andrea Wachter, Marsea Marcus
Price: $18.95  $14.36
This workbook is full of information, moving personal stories, and insightful worksheets to help people understand and resolve their food, weight, and body issues.

Authors: Michelle Heffner, MA, Georg H. Eifert, PhD   Foreword by: Dayle Hayes, M.S.
Price: $19.95
Based on a compassionate new model of psychotherapy called acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT...

Authors: Linda W. Craighead, Ph.D., Linda W. Craighead, Ph.D.
Price: $18.95
This cognitively-based workbook is based on the highly successful practice of appetite monitoring, rather than traditional food monitoring.

Author: Carolyn Coker Ross
Price: $21.95
Using a holistic approach, this book draws on a variety of practices drawn from traditional as well as complimentary and alternative medicine to help you replace unhealthy habits with nourishing rewards and self-care.

Author: Thomas F. Cash, PhD
Price: $19.95
Full-sized, informative workbook that offers help for improving body image.

Authors: Eric Stice, Katherine Presnell
Price: $45.00
A superb tool for anyone leading body image groups with young or adult women, this new facilitator guide provides more than enough material for 4 sessions...

Author: Lisa M Schab, LCSW
Price: $15.95
Clearly written with practical skills, this book contains 42 activities for teens with themes central to overcoming bulimia...

Authors: Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher, Michael Maslar
Price: $21.95
By teaching how to mindfully and methodically identify and transform problematic situations and behaviors, this new workbook combines easy-to-read DBT instructions with exercises for honoring the emotions behind bulimic urges.

Author: Susan Albers
Price: $19.95
This workbook, by the author of Eating Mindfully, includes mindfulness tips, activities, and checklists to help you start a mindful eating program, evaluate your progress, and discover a healthier and richer relationship with food...

Category: Workbooks
You are on page 1 showing results 1 to 10 out of 22 Total Results.
Result Pages: [ 1 ] [  2 ] [  3 ]  NEXT >
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