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Are you a professional looking for a job in the eating disorder, therapy, or medical fields?

Use the iaedp job board powered by JobThread! You can see jobs that have recently been posted, or you can perform a search, finding jobs that are geared specifically to your experience level or near your location. Clicking on the posted job’s link takes you directly to the job qualifications and expectations, as well as directions on how you can apply. You can even apply for some directly online! See what jobs are available now at                             

Are you an employer looking to attract qualified applicants to your facility?

Place an ad on the iaedp website’s job board, powered by JobThread. This service connects you directly to an audience of health care professionals who are looking for the jobs you are looking to fill. There are two posting options: Post on both iaedp and the JobThread Network, or post just on iaedp’s website. Both are cost effective choices for the audience you are looking to reach! More information on these options, audiences reached, and pricing is available at