Educational Designation

Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders

This designation has been created to acknowledge and formally recognize those working in the field of eating disorders or affiliated professions who have completed basic coursework (as defined below) with an educational designation which would not be a path to certification. Those seeking this designation would not meet the qualifications to become certified and treat patients independently. This designation would signify the individual has completed coursework and testing that demonstrates a basic overview of eating disorders, current treatment modalities, medical aspects, and nutritional aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

This process is under the supervision of the iaedp Advisory Board and the iaedp Board of Directors. It is not part of iaedp’s certification process. It is distinctly educational and does not indicate a proficiency or ability to treat eating disorders independently.

Identified as target audiences:

  • Non-clinical, non-credentialed staff
  • Those with interests in eating disorders but not in the treatment field, i.e., teachers, school counselors, school nurses)
  • Mental health technicians and other non-credentialed patient care staff
  • People interested in securing positions in the field
  • Physicians’ office personnel
  • Administrative, admissions and marketing staff at centers
  • Insurance company reviewers
  • Clinicians not seeking certification who may treat a few eating disorders patients a year but don’t meet patient care hours, supervision requirements, or other requisites for certification but wishing to demonstrate excellence in eating disorders education.

Prerequisite to participate:

Bachelor’s Degree from a 4 year accredited college (equivalent and exceptions by individual review)

Educational Designation Curriculum:

Educational Designation Study Guide

Completed all 4 online (special edition—webinar/videos only) or symposium classes (current classes offered yearly at the symposium). These courses are updated each year to include any new developments, research, or treatment significant changes (i.e., DSM-5 etc.) 

  • Educational Designation Course 1 - Introduction to Eating Disorders  ( Buy Now )
  • Educational Designation Course 2 - Treatment Modalities for Eating Disorders ( Buy Now )
  • Educational Designation Course 3 - Nutritional Aspects of Eating Disorders ( Buy Now )
  • Educational Designation Course 4 - Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders ( Buy Now )
  • Successfully completed each class quiz
  • Successfully completed a final exam

There is no fee to register for the final exam.  Please contact to register for the final exam.

Designation Title:

Associate, iaedp Institute on Eating Disorders (with Certificate of Completion). This designation must not be abbreviated in promotional materials.
Term: 5 years with renewal period after completing a special review course offered by iaedp.

  • 5 year term
  • $25 nonrefundable application fee 
  • Payment for online video classes (offered live at annual symposium) and successful completion of online final exam 
  • $75 per year membership dues requirement (student rate)