Core Courses Information and Guidelines: Traditional Certification Only

To qualify for the Traditional CEDS (Certified Eating Disorders Specialist), CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian), CEDCAT (Certified Eating Disorders Creative Arts Therapist) or CEDRN (Certified Eating Disorders Registered Nurse) designation from iaedp™, candidates must demonstrate eating disorder expertise through a range of professional activities, achievements, supervised experience, and testing. One aspect of competency demonstration for the Traditional Certification involves the iaedp™ Core Curriculum. (NOTE: Applicants that qualify for the Equivalency Certification are not required to take the Core Courses.) The Core Curriculum includes four courses:

Course 1 – Overview of Eating Disorders
Course 2 – In the Trenches: Effective Therapy Modalities for Complex Patients
Course 3 – Nutritional Guidelines for Treating Eating Disorders
Course 4 – Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders

The iaedp™ Core Curriculum is designed to accomplish two goals: 1) to endow the candidate with advanced, practical, graduate‐level knowledge considered essential to eating disorder expertise; and 2) to prepare the candidate to successfully pass the iaedp™ Certification Examination. Candidates for the Traditional CEDS, CEDRD, CEDCAT or CEDRN designation must satisfactorily complete all four Core Courses. For more details, review the Core Course Information and Guidelines located on,. , Certification or Quick Links page.
Overview of Eating Disorders (Course 1) Syllabus Buy Course 1
In the Trenches: Effective Therapy Modalities for Complex Patients (Course 2) Syllabus Buy Course 2
Nutritional Guidelines for Treating Eating Disorders (Course 3) Syllabus Buy Course 3
Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders (Course 4) Syllabus Buy Course 4
Instructions and Checklist for Core Courses
Core Course Rules and Regulations
Core Course Completion Form Required Reading List for Core Courses

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