Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, MFT, CEDS, (Secretary), has been a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders since l979. As a previous board member of NEDA, a current board member of iaedp and a fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders Carolyn is extensively involved in the field. Her experience and her own personal recovery from anorexia nervosa enhance her understanding of these complex disorders. Ms. Costin is the founder and Chief Clinical officer of Monte Nido & Affiliates, with programs in California, Oregon, Boston, and New York. Carolyn is known for her energy, enthusiasm and hands on approach as  a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at national conferences. Carolyn's books, The Eating Disorder Source Book, Your Dieting Daughter, 100 Questions and Answers About Eating Disorders, and 8 Keys to Recovery From an Eating Disorder have helped professionals, the lay public and those suffering, in the understanding, treatment and prevention of eating and body image problems.

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