Member Spotlight 2016

" Shifting the Focus from Weight Loss to Self-Compassion " By Lauren Anton, MS, RD, CPT

" El Enfoque Integrativo como Elemento Clave de la Terapia Nutricionalpara los Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria " by Rosanna Mauro de Maya, MS, CEDRD

" African-American Women on Predominantly White College Campuses: In the Shadows of Eating Disorders"
By Charlynn Small, PhD, CEDS and Mazella B. Fuller, PhD, MSW, LCSW, CEDS

"5 ways recovering from an eating disorder and Becoming a new mom are similar " by Linda Shanti McCabe, PsyD

" Changing Brains Changes the Game: Clinical Relevance of Habit and Reward Circuitry in Eating Disorder Treatment "  by Kim Dennis, MD

Member Spotlight 2015

" Metaphors in Therapy: Mindfully Infusing Meaningful Messages " By Sandra Wartski, Psy.D.

" How to Be on Your Clients Side without Taking Their Side:
Avoiding becoming the Target of Splitting or Projecting
" By Linda Paulk Buchanan, Ph.D.

" The “Modern Family” Treatment Model: Promoting Eating Disorder Recovery with an Expanded Circle of Support "
by Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD

" Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Eating Disorders " By Nicole Garber, MD

"Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Couples Therapy " by Tamara Pryor, PhD

" Experience and Strength with ED " by Kimberly Dennis, MD

" I am not WONDER woman " by Jenni Schaefer

" Mentoring as an Essential Component of Recovery " by Shannon Cutts

" Temperament and Eating Disorders " by Emmett Bishop

" Bodyscript " by Adrienne Ressler



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