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IMPORTANT:  In January of every year, the iaedp Certification Committee introduces updates or revisions to the certification process to maintain the integrity and high standards upon which iaedp Certification stands. These revised forms are mandatory for the Certification Committee review process. Please make sure you are using the most up-to-date forms prior to submitting your application(s). 
Current Contact Information for iaedp:

PO Box 1295
Pekin, IL 61555-1295
Telephone and Fax: 800-800-8126
(Certified or registered mail is not accepted.  Please use regular delivery mail.)


Quick Links to Forms

Membership Forms
Application for Membership (pdf file)
Application for Membership Online
Organizational Membership Application
Membership Brochure
Corporate Sponsorship Levels
Fee Structure

General Certification Information
Top 5 Questions About Certification
The Benefits of iaedp Certification
Certification Renewal Application
The CEDRD in Eating Disorders Care
Medical Management Professionals in Eating Disorders Care


Traditional Certification Forms
Traditional Certification Simplified
Traditional Certification Checklist
Traditional International Checklist
Traditional Certification Application
Traditional Certification Case Study Guidelines
Traditional Certification Core Course Guidelines
Traditional Core Course Required Reading List
Certification Press Release Template
Certification Final Exam Study Guide

Supervisor Forms (for Traditional Certification ONLY)
Guidelines for Supervision
Approved Supervisor Application
Approved Supervisor’s Documentation Form
Applicant Log of Patient Care Hours
Approved Supervisor Press Release Template
Approved Supervisor Responsibilities
Search Here for Approved Supervisor

Equivalency Certification Forms (for a licensed clinician with 5 or more years of practice experience in the field of eating disorders)
Equivalency CEDRD Certification Application
Equivalency CEDRD Certification Checklist
Equivalency CEDS, CEDRN, CEDCAT Certification Application
Equivalency CEDS , CEDRN , CEDCAT Checklist
Equivalency International Checklist

Marketing Templates:
Certification Press Release Template
Approved Supervisor Press Release Template

Most of the Quick Link forms are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Please be patient as some of the files are large.